Thursday, April 28, 2011

Up Coming Events.

On the Road Again…..  Future Events

Friday May 20-23 
The Spiritualist Church of the Pines NSAC,  Auburn, CA

Thurs. May 26-29
Church of the Living Spirit NSAC, Glendale, AZ

Sat.     June 1-11
Camp Edgewood NSAC, Milton, WA

Sun.    June 12-15
Spiritualist Church of Divine Light, Tacoma, WA


Below, are just a few of many people that have benefited from Rev. Lilek’s  private readings, message circles, classes and demonstrations in physical phenomena.
If you would like to schedule a private reading, please e-mail Rev. Lilek at:  or phone: 419-787-2787.

~Confidential Readings , validated with proof and given with the highest standard of ethics~

Hello Rev. Lilek, I met you in Pittsburgh, I was your first appointment (the one that cried).  I just want to say it was a great pleasure to meet you and I am sorry that I did not listen to my inner voice, and  bring my tape recorder.
I know I only got bits and pieces of all you said to me, but it has been extremely helpful in my development.  I just wish I had it all to listen, over and over. Thank you so much for the information.
Karen……Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Dear Rev.  John, I just wanted to thank you for the reading you did for me in Onset, MA. I was very touched by the accuracy of the details, especially related to my spirit guides. Things are changing, that I sense, and is quite exciting. Again, thank you and I am looking forward to your website.
Benita……Swansea, Massachusetts

Thank you for coming to our city with your enlightening material. I had only signed up for the first class, but had to stay for the second. I was so enthralled with your presentation. I have been trying to see some of the things to see some of the things you speak of, and never had the chance.
Rev. Dawn…..Columbus, Ohio

If one wants to get to the heart of matters, seeks spiritual guidance, or is in need of clarity or confirmation, one will find Rev. John’s ability as a medium to be striking. The reading I received brought calmness, comfort, healing energy, and enlightenment. At a poignant time, Rev. John also delivered happy news. With gratitude, I thank him for serving as a source of strength. His desire to help others is earnest and his gifts are surely heaven sent.

Reverend John gave me a personal reading while here at Camp Edgewood. I have never had a reading in the past, and I was stunned by the things about my father that came up in the reading. Things no one who knows me here, would know, and yet he was right on. Rev. John also told me about some training I was going to do that I had been waiting for a scholarship to start on. I heard new info two days later, just as he said. He also told me that I would become a minister as well. I had not even thought about this, but when I received my scholarship, the attorney told me when I was done with the other classes, he would be happy to look at the minister course with me.
While Rev. John was here, I was also his cabinet tender, or assistant for the transfiguration and materialization séances, each night it was amazing. I am a relatively new Spiritualist, and have begun my studies to become a medium and healer. As I have these gifts already, and being within Rev. John’s vibration brought me a great comfort and energy along with the power to see more clearly. It has also caused me to dig deeper into my path to become what I am meant to be. Rev. John, Thanks to you ( I know you are just a vessel, but thanks for being an open vessel), and the guides which come to you for opening to me a new and more enlightened path. I am extremely happy to call you my friend, and can not wait until you return.
Kyle…….. Camp Edgewood NSAC, Milton, Washington

Workshop titles categorized by their level of curriculum.

Education – Course /Workshops

Below are the course / workshop titles categorized by their level of curriculum that are available by Rev. Lilek. 
A paragraph sized course description list, and individual fliers , testimonials and references list are available upon request. 
Please specify which version that you would prefer, word or pdf, and what specific course information you need. Day long, weekend, and weeklong seminars are available to aid in making your training needs more comprehensive.
For more inquiries
 Please e-mail Rev. Lilek at:  or phone: 419-787-2787

Level I Courses / Workshops

1 Ethics and Self Care of Healers
2 Healing- Unlocking Your Greatest Gift
3 Laws of Mediumship 
4 Laws of Attraction & Attracting High Spirit
5 Meditation 
6 Mediumship I
7 Pioneers of Spiritualism  
8 Science of God & Spirit – Your Gifts Revealed
9 Spiritual Healings of the Bible
10 Titanic – The Great Ascension In to the Spirit World

Level II Courses / Workshops

11 Ancient Mystical Brotherhood
12 Auras – Reflection of Thought
13 Chakras, The
14 Death & Dying
15 Ethics of Mediumship
16 Famous Mediums of Modern Spiritualism
17 Ethics of Mediumship
18 Initiates, The
19 Mediumship II
20 Psychology of Color
21 Spirit Guides, Teachers & Light  
22 Spiritual Manifestations of the Bible Identification

Level III Courses / Workshops

23 Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing  In to the Universe
24 Dreams & Astral Travel
25 I Live Again, and Again, and Again
26 Inspirational Speaking
27 Manifesting Your  True Spiritual Destiny 
28 Message Service

29 Ministerial Psychology                                                          
30 Platform Decorum
31 Remote Viewing – The Journey Begins                              
32 Secrets to Building Your Higher Spiritual Power

Level IV Courses / Workshops

33 Card & Silk Precipitation 
34 Flame Card Messages Through Spirit
35 Materialization Mediumship
36 Physical Mediumship
37 Séance Development Circles 
38 Séance Etiquette
39 Trance Mediumship  
40 Transfiguration Mediumship
41 Trumpet Mediumship

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nature Speaks in Gentle Ways...

" The higher-self knows the truest path for your own self-discovery.".... an affirmation from Spirit.

Finding affirmation on inner peace...

"When you hear your inner landscape, speak in gentile ways, you are beginning to find your center, this is where you find the greatest sense of peace.".... an affirmation from Spirit.

Rev. John Lilek

Affirmation on kindness as received through Spirit.

"For how you see someone treat another... they are showing you... how they may treat you. See with more than your eyes. Understand... how you truly respectfully care for each other matters."... as received through Spirit.